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Serpent line


Type: MundanePrice: 12 gpWeight: 5 lbs.Slot: Slotless


This 30-foot length of rope is braided with musk-cured strips of snakeskin from a variety of desert serpents, and is typically laid out in a 5-foot-radius circle around the edge of a tent or around a sleeping creature. When it's laid out in this way, common snakes crawling across the desert floor often mistake the serpent line for another snake and shy away from crossing it. Ordinary venomous snakes approaching a serpent line must succeed at a DC 10 Will save or turn away from it, though if they notice potential prey within the serpent line, they may continue to lurk nearby. At the GM's discretion, an exceptionally aggressive or hungry snake may gain a +2 circumstance bonus on its saving throw. Snakes that are magically controlled ignore a serpent line.


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