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Serrated caltrops


Type: MundanePrice: 451 gpWeight: 2 lbs.Slot: Slotless


Often used by ogres, bugbears, and other creatures that delight in causing excruciating pain to others, these caltrops have serrated edges that leave rough wounds that are difficult to heal. Serrated caltrops work just like normal caltrops, except they are considered masterwork weapons (+1 bonus on attack rolls), deal 1 point of bleed damage on a successful hit in addition to the caltrop's usual damage, and possess a critical threat range of 19–20. On a confirmed critical hit, the bleed damage increases to 1d2 points. A successful DC 15 Heal check or any amount of magical healing ends the bleeding as well as the normal movement penalty a caltrop causes. Serrated caltrops can be further enchanted as per melee weapons, treating one 2-pound bag as a single melee weapon. If any of the magic caltrops are lost, all the caltrops lose any magic abilities until the missing caltrops are returned or replaced. Serrated caltrops can't have the hollow special feature or the shrapnel special feature.


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