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Shrieking paste


Type: MundanePrice: 35 gpWeight: 2 lbs.Slot: Slotless


Created by suspending the spores of a shrieker mushroom in a thick mixture of wheat paste and vermiculite, this thick sludge comes in a soundproof, stone container. Shrieking paste creates an obnoxious piercing noise when exposed to even minute amounts of movement or light. This makes applying the paste a very noisy endeavor at best. However, once the paste is applied and left alone for several rounds, it once again becomes silent. Thereafter, any light source or movement within 10 feet of the paste causes it to shriek for 1d3 rounds. A single container contains enough shrieking paste to coat 1 square foot of a surface. If left undisturbed for several weeks in a dank, lightless setting, shrieking paste might eventually grow into a colony of shrieker mushrooms (Core Rulebook 416).


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