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Type: MundanePrice: 5 gpWeight: 20 lbs.Slot: Slotless


Each ski is a flat piece of wood about 5–6 feet long for a Medium wearer, curled up slightly at the front end, with lengthwise grooves along the underside and a wooden or metal bracket with laces on top for holding the wearer's boot in place. Wearing skis allows you to move on snow and ice at normal speed, but your movement is reduced to 5 feet on all other terrain. You normally use a pair of spiked poles to help you move and maintain balance while skiing, but javelins, shortspears, or even trimmed-down saplings will do if nothing else more suitable is available. Donning or removing a ski is a full-round action, though the laces can be cut as a move action (which requires repairing or replacing the laces if you want to use the skis again).


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