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Anderos salve and mulibrous tincture


Type: MundanePrice: 5 gpWeight: Slot: Slotless


Anderos salve and mulibrous tincture are two very different alchemical concoctions with contrary but similar goals: refining the mortal body and quieting mental stresses. Anderos salve is a gray paste applied to the arms or chest that helps restore youthful vigor, while mulibrous tincture is a bitter, minty tea that eases pain and softens skin. If a dose of anderos salve is applied at least twice per week over a period of months, the user's feminine secondary sex characteristics are gradually reduced and masculine ones develop; imbibing mulibrous tincture in this way reduces the drinker's masculine secondary sex characteristics and feminine ones develop. Taking a dose of each concoction every week instead softens all secondary sex characteristics, causing the user to take on an androgynous appearance. After a period of 6 months, the transformation is permanent, with no further doses required to maintain the new form.

While these alchemical solutions do not cause as swift or extensive a change as magical alternatives, they are far more affordable, especially among the Rivethun, who often teach the process of their creation to their disciples.


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