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Spider sac


Type: MundanePrice: 30 gpWeight: 1 lb.Slot: Slotless


Despite their name, spider sacs have nothing to do with spiders but rather are alchemical devices with a unique delivery system. Used for climbing as well as combat, these grayish, gourdlike pouches are made of a specially grown fungus with a tough but rubbery exterior. The fungoid is carefully harvested, pierced at one end, hollowed out, and then injected with a strong alchemical adhesive that hardens to a fibrous material almost instantly when exposed to air. When squeezed, a spider sac's adhesive shoots out to a maximum range of 10 feet and sticks to whatever it strikes, whereupon the strand dries instantly into a durable fibrous rope. For the purposes of climbing, treat a spider sac as a grappling hook except that all surfaces are AC 5. A spider sac can also be used as a lasso except with AC 10, 4 hit points, and a DC 24 Strength check to burst. A spider sac is a single-use item.


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