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Angel quill arrowhead


Type: AmmunitionPrice: 10 gpWeight: Slot: Slotless


This barbed, cold iron arrowhead is alchemically treated to inflict additional harm while embedded in creatures that are vulnerable to cold iron. For every angel quill arrowhead that damages a target with DR/cold iron, the target's damage reduction decreases by 1. Up to five angel quill arrowheads can affect a single target at any one time, reducing the target's DR/cold iron by up to 5 (additional arrowheads have no effect aside from dealing damage as normal). An affected target can pull out a number of arrowheads equal to her Dexterity modifier (minimum 1) as a full-round action with a successful DC 15 Heal check. Alternatively, the application of any magical healing causes all angel quill arrowheads embedded in the creature to instantly fall out.

Angel quill arrowheads of silver and adamantine are also available for the same price, and affect creatures with DR/silver or DR/adamantine, respectively. Crafting any type of angel quill arrowhead requires a successful DC 25 Craft (alchemy) check.


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