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Talking board


Type: MundanePrice: 15 gpWeight: 2 lbs.Slot: Slotless


This thin, rectangular wooden board is printed with an arching array of alphabetical letters, numbers, and short affirmative and negative messages. Paired with a small, heart-shaped pointer on short wooden legs, this device enables communication with spiritual entities or the user's deep subconscious mind. A talking board can be used in place of a pencil and paper or a writing planchette when attempting a Linguistics check with the automatic writing occult skill unlock, and provides a +2 circumstance bonus on such checks. In addition, given the size of the board, the user can work in conjunction with another psychically sensitive creature who can bolster the attempt with a successful aid another check.

A user can also use the board alone to initiate the recall memory use of the hypnotism occult skill unlock. The user attempts the skill check as normal, with herself as the subject, and receives a +2 circumstance bonus on the check.

When used to channel a haunt capable of communication (see page 230), a talking board doubles the rate of communication with the haunt, and grants the user a +4 circumstance bonus on Linguistics checks to decipher the cryptic messages.

Though a talking board can be used for some of the same functions as other gear (such as automatic writing planchettes and hypnotist's lockets), these items can't be used in unison to gain multiple bonuses or increase the rate of communication with a haunt to more than double.

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