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Tress tincture


Type: MundanePrice: 50 gpWeight: Slot: Slotless


This tincture is used to counteract hair loss and guarantee luxurious locks, but alchemists have developed a concentrated form for use in combat. You can throw tress tincture as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 10 feet. On a hit, the target's hair grows long and thick, partly blocking the target's vision. The affected creature treats all other creatures as if they had concealment. As a swift action, the affected creature can brush or toss its hair aside, negating this concealment for 1 round. As a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity, the affected creature can hack off enough hair to end the concealment effect; this requires a light or one-handed slashing weapon. Creatures incapable of growing hair are unaffected by tress tincture.


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