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Vigil cap


Type: MundanePrice: 400 gpWeight: 4 lbs.Slot: Slotless


A vigil cap is built like a tinker's cap, but with shades and wideview mirrors instead of magnifying lenses. The helmet's arms can be adjusted (as a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity) into one of the following modes at a given time:

All-Around Perspective: When properly angled, the mirrors grant the wearer a better view of his surroundings and attacking foes. In this mode, the helmet grants a +2 circumstance bonus on reactive sight-based Perception checks.

Indirect Observation: Intended to protect against gaze attacks, this mode combines shades positioned to block forward vision with mirrors angled to let the wearer see around him. Any time he would normally have to attempt a saving throw against a gaze attack, there is a 75% chance he doesn't need to attempt the save. Because of the wearer's obscured vision, however, all foes gain partial concealment (10% miss chance) against him.

Shades: With the mirrors tucked aside, the shades provide a +2 circumstance bonus on saving throws against effects that blind or dazzle.


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