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Wire saw (common)


Type: MundanePrice: 30 gpWeight: –Slot: Slotless


This flexible saw consists of an abrasive wire hooked to two metal rings. By feeding the wire around a deadbolt or small door bar, you can use the rings to quietly saw through the obstruction. The saw takes 10 minutes to cut through a 2-inch piece of wood or a 1-inch iron bar. A wire saw can cut through items with hardness 10 or less. After five uses, the abrasive wire is worn smooth and must be replaced (costing 25 gp).

Adamantine Wire Saw: This works twice as fast as a normal saw when cutting materials with hardness 10 or less, or at normal speed when cutting materials with hardness 11–20. Replacing an adamantine wire saw's wire costs 145 gp.

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