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Maxim M1910 machine gun


Type: WeaponPrice: 1500 gpWeight: 140 lbs.Slot: Slotless

Weapon properties

Proficiency group: ExoticType: Two-HandedDamage: 2d8Critical: x4Range: 120 ft.Damage type: B and PWeapon groups: Firearms


This heavy machine gun uses 7.62 54mmR ammunition in 250-round belts. Although a single person can fire a Maxim, it typically has a two-person crew: the gunner, and a loader who assists with feeding the ammunition belt into the weapon. As a full-round action, the loader can use a special aid another action to grant the gunner a +2 bonus on his next attack roll. Because of its size and heavy weight, a Maxim is often either mounted on a wheeled chassis with a gun shield for trench defensive use, or on the back of a horse-drawn wagon called a tachanka (see page 67). Assuming a user can even lift the weapon, firing a Maxim M1910 machine gun that is not mounted imparts a –4 penalty on attack rolls and the recoil knocks the wielder prone. The Maxim M1910 is automatic-fire only. The armored shield provides cover when firing the weapon from the prone position.


Firearm, Modern Firearm


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