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Paddle-foot pistol


Type: WeaponPrice: 2500 gpWeight: 5 lbs.Slot: Slotless

Weapon properties

Proficiency group: ExoticType: One-HandedDamage: 1d6Critical: x3Range: 20 ft.Damage type: B and PWeapon groups: Firearms


This early firearm has four barrels, each of which can be fired one at a time with a single adjustable flintlock. The paddle-foot pistol fires in a 20-foot cone when making a scattering shot, and it has a 20-foot range increment when firing a bullet. Additionally, the paddle-foot pistol has a maximum range of three range increments. Each barrel of a paddle-foot pistol can hold 1 dose of black powder, along with either pellets or a bullet, or it can hold a single alchemical cartridge.


Early Firearm, Firearm


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