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Pitted bullet


Type: AmmunitionPrice: 5 gpWeight: Slot: Slotless


This ammunition is pitted with a pattern of small pocks into which specially formulated poison compounds can be applied. A poison compound is a derivative of a standard toxin that is alchemically reduced to a solid form. These can be made from any standard injury or contact poison with a successful Craft (poison) check equal to the poison's DC + 4. The cost of purchasing an already prepared poison compound for the purpose of treating pitted bullets is equal to the poison's base cost + 20 gp. Once crafted, the compound can be pasted into the ammunition's pitted design and allowed to harden. Upon completion, the bullet can be fired from an appropriate firearm, releasing the poison compound into its target upon impact, but the poison's DC is reduced by 2. A pitted bullet cannot be used with an alchemical cartridge. The listed cost does not include the cost of poison.


Early Firearm, Firearm


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