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Broadside Bulwark


Type: ShieldPrice: 19007 gpWeight: 10 lbs.Slot: Shield

Armor properties

Type: ShieldArmor bonus: 2Enhancement bonus: +2Maximum dexterity: Armor check penalty: -2Arcane spell failure chance: 15

Magical properties

Caster level: 10Aura: moderate evocation


The front of this +2 heavy wooden shield has several small holes that resemble the gun ports on a naval ship. There are seven such holes in total on the front of shield, each varying in size, with an equal number of thin hemp strings on the reverse side. As a standard action, the wielder of the broadside bulwark can pull one of the strings, causing a small red bead to fly out from the associated gun port. This bead travels 30 feet forward and detonates as a fireball spell (Reflex DC 14 half), leaving the wielder outside the blast radius unless it contacts something before reaching 30 feet. After a string is pulled, its associated gun port is permanently closes and can no longer be used.

The gun ports are different sizes, and include three small ports that deal 3d6 points of fire damage, three larger ports that deal 6d6 points of fire damage, and one massive port in the center of the shield that deals 9d6 points of fire damage.

Once all the gun ports have been fired, the shield takes on a blackened, charred look and grants the wielder fire resistance 5.

Crafting requirements

Crafting cost: 9582 gp

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, fireball, resist energy

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