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Burglar's Buckler


Type: ShieldPrice: 4655 gpWeight: 5 lbs.Slot: Shield

Armor properties

Type: ShieldArmor bonus: 1Enhancement bonus: +1Maximum dexterity: Armor check penalty: -1Arcane spell failure chance: 5

Magical properties

Caster level: 5Aura: faint transmutation


This unassuming +1 buckler has an array of small tools and implements embedded into the backside of its rim, able to be folded and snapped out for use at a moment's notice to attack, defend, or accomplish roguish tasks. A burglar's buckler grants the wielder a +2 competence bonus on Disable Device and Sleight of Hand checks, combat maneuver checks made to perform dirty tricks, and to CMD against dirty tricks.

Once per day on command, the wielder may transform a burglar's buckler into any mundane tool weighing 1 to 5 pounds, such as a crowbar, hammer, saw, small shovel, grappling hook, artisan's tools, or thieves' tools. The burglar's buckler retains its normal hardness and hit points in this form and can be converted back into shield form on command.

Crafting requirements

Crafting cost: 2450 gp

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, major creation

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