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Mammoth Hide


Type: ArmorPrice: 14665 gpWeight: 25 lbs.Slot: Armor

Armor properties

Type: MediumArmor bonus: 4Enhancement bonus: +3Maximum dexterity: 4Armor check penalty: -3Arcane spell failure chance: 20

Magical properties

Caster level: 11Aura: moderate transmutation


Made of tattered mammoth hide and bone, this +3 hide armor is similar to rhino hide, but is fashioned in the harsh lands of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords using beasts common to that region. In addition to granting a +3 enhancement bonus to AC, it has a –1 armor check penalty and grants the wearer 4d6 additional points of damage on the first successful charge attack she makes in a round, including a mounted charge.

Crafting requirements

Crafting cost: 7415 gp

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bull's strength

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