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Type: WeaponPrice: Weight: 6 lbs.Slot: Slotless

Weapon properties

Proficiency group: ExoticType: One-HandedDamage: 1d10Critical: 19-20/x2Enhancement bonus: +5Damage type: SSpecial material: Cold Iron

Magical properties

Caster level: 20Aura: strong conjuration, strong necromancy, strong transmutation


The blade called Briar is an intelligent +5 cold iron vorpal bastard sword whose special purpose is to defeat denizens of the First World.


If Briar is claimed by the nymph Nyrissa—of whom it is fundamentally a part—the blade gradually begins rejoining with the fey queen. If left in Nyrissa's possession, Briar fades out of existence over the course of a week. At the end of this time, the weapon is destroyed and Nyrissa regains her ability to love. Only one of the fey lords known as the Eldest can restore Briar once Nyrissa has reclaimed it.

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