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Magi Staff of the Deep Black


Type: StaffPrice: Weight: 5 lbs.Slot: Slotless

Magical properties

Caster level: 20Aura: strong universal


This crystalline blue-white staff fell from the sky during a dazzling display of falling stars. Sages believe it was once part of an enormous piece of ice drifting between worlds since the dawn of time, only coming to the world on a quirk of chance. Though as hard as crystal, the staff feels like wet ice, is cold to the touch, and gives the impression of great age. It slowly sinks in fresh or salt water (unlike true ice, which floats), and while it creates a cocoon of ice around itself when submerged, it is only after several hours that this coating is thick enough to cause the staff to bob to the surface. The staff's powers (and the equivalent staff of the magi powers they replace) are:

The staff otherwise has the normal powers and abilities of a staff of the magi. If it is broken in a retributive strike, the bearer has a 25% chance to be held in stasis somewhere (as imprisonment, no saving throw), a 25% chance to be transported to a random plane, and a 50% chance to be utterly destroyed.


This item can be destroyed in the same manner as a normal staff of the magi. It is also destroyed if consumed by an elder fire elemental or an efreeti, or if cast into an active volcano.

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