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Type: Wondrous ItemPrice: Weight: 10 lbs.Slot: Slotless

Magical properties

Caster level: 20Aura: strong divination


A timeglass appears as a 1-foot-long elongated glass bulb set within a stand made of horacalcum. Within the bulb churns a mote of pale blue mist—vapors extracted from strange flowers that grow only in the Dimension of Time. A timeglass can be used as if it were a crystal ball with true seeing, but also has the ability to scry upon events in the past or future. When using a timeglass to look forward or backward in time, a user can't specify what creatures are viewed, but does look upon someone with whom the user has interacted before or will interact in the future. It can be used in this manner only once per day.

If used to look into the past, the timeglass does one of two things—it can reveal to the viewer a memory that's been forgotten or put an old piece of knowledge into a new context (granting a +20 bonus on any one Knowledge check), or it can grant a link to a specific person that character has met in the past, allowing for a brief one-way communication to that person. The recipient of this message generally interprets the message in the form of a vision, or a strange prophecy, or divine insight—the recipient does not know the message is in fact from the future (as the timeglass distorts messages to the past in order to preserve the flow of time and combat paradoxes). The first time the PCs use this device, they contact the troll augur Augustille, and the result of this contact is the strange prophecy that he gave the PCs back in "The Asylum Stone." The timeglass itself determines whether it grants a bonus on a knowledge check or allows a link to a past mind—allowing the GM the chance to control how the artifact interacts with her campaign.

When a timeglass is used to look into the future, the effects are simpler—the PC gains a brief vision of a possible important event that will occur in the PC's immediate future. Memories of these events vanish as soon as they form, but the user retains vague fragments of the memory, effectively gaining the effects of a foresight spell for 24 hours.

At your discretion, a timeglass can have other uses involving the past and the future.


The timeglass must be carried back in time to the point it was created, and must then be used to smash apart the glass containing the mist before its creation is completed.

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