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Bottom-walker's anchor


Type: MundanePrice: 5 gpWeight: 50 lbs.Slot: Slotless


This dense anchor is attached to a sturdy but easily detachable chain (removing the chain is a move action). Wearing a bottomwalker's anchor all but guarantees an undersea explorer a swiftly sinking buoyancy, though it also increases her armor check penalty by 1 and decreases her maximum Dexterity bonus by 1 (or sets it at +6, if the wearer didn't have a maximum Dexterity bonus). Compared to simply carrying plenty of dense items, it's unwieldy, but the advantage is that the undersea explorer can detach the anchor in a hurry in order to float to the surface, while unloading a number of dense objects might be a slow process (and could deprive the explorer of valuable gear).


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