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Ring of the Ram


Type: RingPrice: 8600 gpWeight: Slot: Ring

Magical properties

Caster level: 9Aura: moderate transmutation


A ring of the ram has a setting crafted to resemble a ram's head. The wearer can command the ring to give forth a ramlike force, manifested by a vaguely discernible shape that resembles the head of a ram or a goat. This force strikes a single target, dealing 1d6 points of damage if 1 charge is expended, 2d6 points if 2 charges are used, or 3d6 points if 3 charges (the maximum) are used. Treat this as a ranged attack with a 50-foot maximum range and no penalties for distance.

The force of the blow is considerable, and those struck by the ring are subject to a bull rush if within 30 feet of the ring wearer. The ram is Large and uses the ring's caster level as its base attack bonus, with a Strength of 25. This gives the ram a Combat Maneuver Bonus of +17. The ram gains a +1 bonus on the bull rush attempt if 2 charges are expended, or +2 if 3 charges are expended.

In addition to its attack mode, the ring of the ram also has the power to open doors as if it were a character with a Strength score of 25. This usage expends 1 charge. If 2 charges are expended, the effect is equivalent to a character with a Strength score of 27. If 3 charges are expended, the effect is that of a character with Strength score of 29. A newly created ring has 50 charges. When all the charges are expended, the ring becomes a nonmagical item.

Crafting requirements

Crafting cost: 4300 gp

Forge Ring, bull's strength, telekinesis

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