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Braille bracelet


Type: MundanePrice: 25 gpWeight: Slot: Slotless


This bracelet contains 10 small clay beads, each carved with a raised symbol. The beads can be removed from the bracelet cord and rearranged in any order. Once arranged, the carvings can be felt with the fingers to determine the symbols' meaning and decipher any message the bracelet is meant to convey. A single bead could impart a simple message, or multiple beads can be strung together to form more complicated messages. Interpreting the beads allows individuals to communicate in absolute silence, even in complete darkness or otherwise unable to see. To use the beads properly, you and your allies must assign each bead a meaning prior to using the bracelet in this way. Recalling the meaning of a single bead requires a successful DC 10 Intelligence check. Conveying more complicated messages increases this check by 2 for each additional bead used. Deciphering the message is practically impossible for a creature that doesn't know the meanings assigned to the beads, increasing the DC by 20.


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