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Lava Rod


Type: RodPrice: 80000 gpWeight: 8 lbs.Slot: Slotless

Weapon properties

Proficiency group: SimpleType: One-HandedDamage: 1d6Critical: x2Enhancement bonus: +2Damage type: B

Magical properties

Caster level: 13Aura: strong evocation


This irregularly shaped iron rod is studded with orange gems. It can be wielded as a +2 club. For 10 rounds per day, the rod can be wielded as a +2 flaming burst club. These rounds need not be consecutive. Additionally, three times per day as a standard action, a creature wielding this rod can use it to spray a 30-foot cone of lava droplets that deals 13d6 points of fire damage (Reflex DC 20 half). Once per day as a standard action, the wielder can instead release a cone of harmless pebbles that fall to the ground and cover the area. These pebbles transform into tiny blobs of lava up to 5 rounds later. The user determines the round upon which the pebbles transform into lava when initially activating the rod for this effect. Any creature in the area of the pebbles when they transform takes 13d6 points of fire damage (Reflex DC 20 half).

Crafting requirements

Crafting cost: 40000 gp

Craft Rod, delayed blast fireball

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