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Grasping Bolas


Type: WeaponPrice: 3805 gpWeight: 2 lbs.Slot: Slotless

Weapon properties

Proficiency group: ExoticType: RangedDamage: 1d4Critical: x2Enhancement bonus: +1Range: 10 ft.Damage type: BSpecial: Nonlethal, Trip

Magical properties

Caster level: 3Aura: faint transmutation


This +1 bolas is favored in the southern Mwangi Expanse, where it is commonly crafted from assassin vines and used as a means of escape from the likes of derhii and jungle-dwelling giants. Once per day, the wielder of a grasping bolas can attempt a special ranged trip combat maneuver check that ignores any size modifiers to CMD the target may possess. If the attempt succeeds, the target falls prone and becomes entangled for 1 round as a mass of animated vines bursts out from within the bolas. For every 5 by which the combat maneuver check exceeds the target's modified CMD, the duration of this condition increases by 1 round. An entangled creature can break free with a successful DC 20 Strength or Escape Artist check.

The animated ropes employed by a grasping bolas have AC 22, hardness 10, and damage reduction 5/slashing. If a grasping bolas is severed (all 12 hit points are lost to damage), it is destroyed.

Crafting requirements

Crafting cost: 2055 gp

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, animate rope or entangle

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