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Type: WeaponPrice: 39305 gpWeight: 3 lbs.Slot: Slotless

Weapon properties

Proficiency group: ExoticType: LightDamage: 1d4Critical: x2Enhancement bonus: +1Damage type: SSpecial: Disarm, Performance, Reach, Trip

Magical properties

Caster level: 7Aura: moderate necromancy


This +1 unholy scorpion whip (Ultimate Combat 144) is fashioned from skin flayed from a barbed devil's back. It grants its wielder a +5 competence bonus on Intimidate checks. A shaken creature struck by the hellscourge must succeed at a DC 17 Will save or become frightened for 1 round. A frightened or panicked creature struck must instead save or cower for 1d4 rounds. Both of these are mind-affecting fear effects.

If wielded by a person who wears hamatula hide armor, the hellscourge functions as a +1 flaming unholy whip. Such a wielder can lash the whip once per day to hurl flames as a scorching ray (creating two rays); doing so extinguishes the whip's flames until the next day.

Crafting requirements

Crafting cost: 19805 gp

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, fear, scorching ray, unholy blight

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