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Clockwork oar


Type: MundanePrice: 500 gpWeight: 50 lbs.Slot: Slotless


This clockwork device is powered by heatstones and seawater and can turn a ship's oar with tireless mechanical strokes. When installed on a water vehicle that uses muscle as a means of propulsion (see pages 180 and 184 of Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat), a clockwork oar performs the function of one Medium rower. A broken clockwork oar functions only half as well as an unbroken one, so two broken clockwork oars are required to perform the function of one Medium rower.

For driving checks with a water vehicle powered with only clockwork oars, the driver must attempt Disable Device or Knowledge (engineering) checks instead of the skill checks listed in the vehicle's driving check entry in its stat block. (These checks represent the sailor ensuring that all of the oars are moving in unison and without impediment.) If a water vehicle is powered with one or more clockwork oars but not solely with clockwork oars, the skills used for driving checks remain unchanged.


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