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Decoy trigger (decoy pressure switch)


Type: MundanePrice: 60 gpWeight: Slot: Slotless


Decoy triggers are misleading mechanisms intended to divert a victim's attention from a real trap by presenting an easily found decoy. Ideally, the victim spots the fake mechanism and, in attempting to disarm or evade it, triggers the real trap.

A decoy trigger grants a bonus to the Perception DC of any trap it accessorizes—the decoy itself has an intentionally low Perception DC. Though a decoy trigger increases the CR of the trap it augments, as a standalone accessory it doesn't increase the trap's Craft DC. Instead of a Disable Device DC, decoy triggers have a Sense Motive DC. If a creature succeeds at the decoy's Sense Motive check, it immediately recognizes the decoy trigger as a fake, and the real trap loses the bonus to its Perception DC. All decoy triggers are single-use only.

Decoy Pressure Switch

Type mechanical; Perception DC 12; Sense Motive DC 24

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