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Type: MundanePrice: 30 gpWeight: Slot: Slotless


This milky fluid can be mixed with water to quickly kill light and medium vegetation. One flask of defoliant kills light brush and small trees in 50 5-foot squares. Light vegetation (anything but trees) dies within 1 hour and can be cleared at a rate of 10 minutes per 5-foot square (representing uprooting dead plants and breaking stumps into gravel-sized pieces), leaving barren ground. Medium vegetation (anything but massive trees) dies in 2 hours and can be cleared at a rate of 1 hour per 5-foot square. Massive trees can usually survive a single dose of defoliant, and using defoliant doesn't make clearing them any easier. Defoliant can be used as a splash weapon against plant creatures. A direct hit with the undiluted fluid deals 1d6 hit points of damage, 1 point of Strength damage, and 1 point of Constitution damage (Fortitude DC 20 negates the Strength and Constitution damage); plant creatures within 5 feet of the target take 1 hit point of damage.

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