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Hide dye


Type: MundanePrice: 20 gpWeight: 1 lb.Slot: Slotless


This thick, murky liquid comes in a large earthenware jug, and can be purchased in a variety of colors. Hide dye can be applied to the feathers, fur, scales, or skin of most types of animals and magical beasts, allowing creatures a measure of camouflage. Hide dye comes in a variety of colors and shades matching the following different kinds of terrain: cold (including ice, glaciers, snow, and tundra), desert, forest, jungle, mountain (including hills), plains, swamp, underground, urban, and water.

One jar of hide dye can be applied to a Small or smaller animal or magical beast in 1 hour. Thereafter, the dyed creature gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Stealth checks in the associated terrain. If the Environment entry in a creature's statistics indicates that the creature can typically be found in a specific type of terrain (such as an owl's environment of temperate forests) and the creature is adorned with hide dye of a matching type, the bonus on Stealth checks increases to +4. Applying a new color of dye immediately covers and replaces the previous dye.

Hide dye doesn't adhere to clothing or humanoid flesh, and grants no benefit to creatures other than animals or magical beasts. Once applied, hide dye is waterproof and can't be rubbed or burned away. It fades after 1d4+1 days unless it's removed earlier by magical means.


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