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Kaava musk


Type: MundanePrice: 40 gpWeight: 0.5 lbs.Slot: Slotless


This emerald-colored adhesive is made from animal glands, urine, and other powerful scents that are difficult to wash off. A target splashed with it smells like weak prey to predators. Creatures with the scent ability can detect a marked creature at five times the normal range, note its direction as a free action, pinpoint it when it is within 25 feet, and track it by scent with a +5 bonus on their Survival checks. Immersion in water within 1 round of exposure washes the musk off; otherwise the effect decreases by 1 range increment per day (four times normal range after 1 day, three times normal range after 2 days, and so on) until the creature is again at normal scent levels. One dose of Kaava musk costs 40 gp and weighs 1/2 lb.; the Craft (alchemy) DC to create Kaava musk is 20. For more information on Kaava musk, see page 31.


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