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Leng ruby


Type: MundanePrice: 500 gpWeight: Slot: Slotless


Leng rubies are red gemstones all identical in size and appearance, distinguishable from ordinary rubies by their complete lack of imperfections or inclusions. Mined on the desolate Plateau of Leng—an outer plane connected to the ever-shifting Dimension of Dreams—these rubies are used as currency by the sinister denizens of Leng (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 82). These denizens travel the planes, bartering Leng rubies for goods, slaves, and assistance in their inscrutable schemes. Possession of these rubies is seen as suspicious and shameful by scholars who understand their origin, as the rubies mark the owner as someone willing to deal with enigmatic foes of light and life.

A small number of Leng rubies (10%) can be used as the focus of a plane shift spell, though it is impossible to determine what location a particular ruby is attuned to before the spell is cast. Some Leng rubies are substantially larger than the common size, and can fetch prices of 50,000 gp or more. The denizens of Leng trade these larger rubies for armies of slaves or as part of nation-ending plots.


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