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Light-killer's grease


Type: MundanePrice: 25 gpWeight: Slot: Slotless


Keenly aware of their vulnerability to light and to those who wield it as a weapon, the drow have pioneered many ways to defend themselves against light—magic or otherwise. Light-killer's grease is a pungent, oily alchemical substance harvested from underground fungus and mixed with powdered minerals common in the deep earth.

When combined correctly, this black, tarry mass absorbs light. It must be applied around a creature's eyes (a fullround action) to function. When worn, it negates the dazzled condition from exposure to bright light and grants a +1 alchemical bonus on saving throws against spells and effects with the light descriptor. The grease is considered an overpowering scent for the purpose of the scent special ability, and a creature with scent can pinpoint the wearer's location at a range of 10 feet instead of 5 feet.

Once applied, the grease remains potent for 1 hour. Removing the grease is a full-round action that requires a gallon of water or another suitable washing liquid; otherwise, the visual marks can be removed, ending the effect, but the smell remains for the full duration.

Crafting light-killer's grease requires a successful DC 15 Craft (alchemy) check.


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