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Mantra wheel


Type: MundanePrice: 450 gpWeight: 0.5 lbs.Slot: Slotless


This handheld metal cylinder is embossed with traditional symbols tied to protectiveness and has a handle that can be used to spin it. Mantra wheels are often used by divine spellcasters who are blind or have difficulty with fine gestures, or who simply enjoy using this traditional device. As a move action, a scroll of a divine spell can be placed inside the wheel. The handle is then spun, activating the scroll without the use of verbal or somatic components. If the wheel's user would need to attempt a caster level check to activate the scroll successfully, the wheel provides a +3 bonus on that check. Spinning the wheel is part of the normal action required to activate the scroll (usually a standard action or the spell's casting time, whichever is longer). Using the wheel to activate a scroll provokes attacks of opportunity exactly as activating a scroll (or casting the spell) normally would. The wheel can hold only one divine scroll at a time. Removing an expended scroll from a mantra wheel is a swift action.


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