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Planar alchemical catalyst


Type: MundanePrice: 200 gpWeight: 2 lbs.Slot: Slotless


This vibrant, variegated gemstone is found naturally on the Elemental Plane of Earth but can also be artificially reproduced, albeit with a fair amount of difficulty. The catalyst is highly sought for its remarkable ability to enhance and alter alchemical tools and weapons.

As a move action, you can apply the catalyst to one of the following items to enhance or alter the alchemical item's effects (items marked with an asterisk ["*"] are detailed in Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment). If the item is not used within 3 rounds, the benefit of the enhanced alchemical item is lost and the item reverts to normal. Once applied to an item, a planar alchemical catalyst is expended.

Alchemist's Fire: The type of energy damage changes to acid, cold, or electricity (user's choice).

Flash Powder *: The DC of the Fortitude save increases to 15, and targets are dazzled for 1d4+1 rounds whether or not they succeed at their saving throw.

Holy Water: The splash area becomes difficult terrain for undead and evil outsiders, and undead or evil outsiders that end their turn in the affected area take 2 points of damage. Both of these effects last 3 rounds.

Impact Foam *: The foam does not dissolve when exposed to acid or water, and instead becomes a pliable-yet-rigid platform that can be dragged onto water and used as a makeshift raft for up to 5 Medium creatures. The 10-minute duration still applies.

Liquid Blade *: The blade deals 2 points of bleed damage on a hit (this does not stack with bleed damage from other sources).

Liquid Ice *: In addition to its normal effects, the liquid ice acts as a smokestick, except it emits dense white fog rather than smoke.

Shard Gel *: The shard gel remains embedded in the target on a direct hit, continuing to deal 1d3 points of damage each round after until the gel dissolves (5 rounds) or the target takes a full round action to remove it.

Tanglefoot Bag: The DC of the Reflex saving throw increases to 17, the penalty on attack rolls is –3, and the tanglefoot bag can affect targets up to size category Huge.

Thunderstone: In addition to being deafened, targets that fail their Fortitude saves are staggered for 1 round. Affected targets are deafened for 1d4 rounds whether or not they succeed at their saving throw.


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