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Pnakotic record


Type: MundanePrice: 2000 gpWeight: 10 lbs.Slot: Slotless


These strange books are fashioned from a metallic alloy, the crafting of which is known only to yithians and a very few others. Supposedly taken from the same collection as the fabled Pnakotic Manuscripts and traded throughout the multiverse, these books are collections of notes recorded by visitors to the yithians' cities. Each book is written in multiple languages and provides a vast array of information on a specifc topic, but the information it contains is often oddly specifc and lacks context. A single Pnakotic record focuses on a single subject within the confnes of a single Knowledge skill, such as a presentation on the nature of deep one religious practices in worshiping Cthulhu (Knowledge [religion]), the mechanics of a shoggoth's biology (Knowledge [dungeoneering]), or the methods of creating portals between worlds (Knowledge [arcana]). By studying a Pnakotic record for 8 hours, a reader can attempt a single Knowledge check of the appropriate type when researching the book's corresponding subject to gain a +10 circumstance bonus on the check.


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