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Poison caps


Type: MundanePrice: 25 gpWeight: 0.5 lbs.Slot: Slotless


These small rubber cones attach to a creature's fangs and allow it to potentially poison those it bites. Poison caps must be filled with an injury poison (see pages 557–560 of the Core Rulebook), and must be attached to a creature's teeth prior to use. A creature equipped with poison caps deals bite damage as a creature one size smaller than usual, but the next time the creature makes a successful bite attack, it also injects the poison from the caps into its target. The price and weight listed above are for a pair of poison caps; both must be used simultaneously in order to be effective. A pair of poison caps can only be used once; they are effectively destroyed after a successful bite attack. The cost of the poison is not included in the cost of the poison caps.


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