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Poison diffuser


Type: MundanePrice: 200 gpWeight: Slot: Slotless


This compound comes in a tiny eyedropper. When you combine a dose of poison diffuser with a dose of contact or ingested poison, the poison becomes a gas, slowly diffusing into the surrounding air. The poison is treated as an inhaled poison for 3 rounds, after which the poison and the poison diffuser are both expended and become inert. Any creature that passes within 5 feet of a diffused poison while it is active must save against the vaporous toxin.

If you are using spontaneous alchemy, adding urea to the alchemical recipe delays a poison diffuser's activation time. For every 20 doses of urea (worth a total of 10 gp) incorporated into the alchemical creation process, the time from which the diffuser is added to the poison to the time the poison begins spreading into the air increases by 1 round.


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