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Portable altar (masterwork)


Type: MundanePrice: 400 gpWeight: 40 lbs.Slot: Slotless


Consecrated to one of Golarion's many deities, this intricately etched case contains numerous candles, stands, scented herbs, dishes, silks, small cups, containers, and similar ceremonial tools all bearing colors and iconography sacred to the associated deity. The sturdy container features a padded interior with numerous straps and compartments so that the items within aren't damaged in transport. The altar's surface prominently features a deity's holy symbol, and it's sturdy enough that it can support up to 300 pounds of weight, enough to serve as a makeshift pulpit.

Among the items found within the altar are the tools and materials necessary to perform not just ceremonies, but also jobs and professions the related deity deems sacred, as well as holy texts written to inspire greatness in the deity's followers. The user can expend some of the materials within the altar to gain a +2 circumstance bonus on the next Craft check of the specified type (see below).

In addition, after spending 1 hour praying and reading the holy scriptures within the altar, the user gains a +2 circumstance bonus on a single skill check. Which deity this altar is dedicated to determines the skill to which this bonus applies (see below). The user must attempt this skill check within an hour of praying and reading the altar's scriptures or lose the bonus—the mantras and inspiration provided by the texts having drifted from her mind. This hour of prayer and scripture reading can be integrated with the time a cleric uses to prepare her spells. Regardless, using the masterwork portable altar in this manner expends the altar's materials in the same way that using the normal altar to bolster a Craft check does.

A masterwork portable altar can be used multiple times, but after 20 uses, it must be restocked with 50 gp worth of sanctified materials—preferably purchased from a temple of the associated deity. The altar grants no bonuses on skill checks if used while its materials are depleted, though it can still be employed as a normal portable altar.

DeityFavored CraftAided Skill
AbadarCraft (jewelry)Appraise
AsmodeusCraft (calligraphy)Diplomacy
CalistriaCraft (traps)Bluff
Cayden CaileanCraft (leather)Ride
DesnaCraft (clothing)Perception
ErastilCraft (bows)Survival
GorumCraft (armor)Intimidate
GozrehCraft (ships)Handle Animal
IomedaeCraft (armor)Diplomacy
IroriCraft (books)Acrobatics
LamashtuCraft (traps)Intimidate
NethysCraft (books)Spellcraft
NorgorberCraft (alchemy)Stealth
PharasmaCraft (pottery)Perception
RovagugCraft (weapons)Intimidate
SarenraeCraft (weapons)Heal
ShelynCraft (any art)Perform (any)
ToragCraft (stonemasonry)Climb
UrgathoaCraft (alchemy)Disguise
Zon-KuthonCraft (locks)Stealth

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