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Prognostication manual


Type: MundanePrice: 30 gpWeight: 3 lbs.Slot: Slotless


This small but thick booklet contains information on a specific form of folk divination, such as cartomancy, cheiromancy, crystallomancy, or horoscopy. Using such a book while reading a creature's fortune reduces the time needed to read that fortune by 2 minutes. When used as part of a Sense Motive check for the prognostication occult skill unlock, this book grants a +2 circumstance bonus. If the fortunetelling method requires a particular item, such as a deck of cards for cartomancy or animal bones for osteomancy, that item provides a +2 circumstance bonus that doesn't stack with the bonus provided by the prognostication manual.

A prognostication manual is useful primarily for cheiromancy (palm reading), horoscopy, and other methods that don't require special equipment.


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