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Remora pad


Type: MundanePrice: 5 gpWeight: 0.5 lbs.Slot: Slotless


This foot-long strip of double-sided alchemical adhesive is sealed with waxed paper. When unsealed (this requires a move action) and pressed between two surfaces (this also requires a move action), a remora pad creates a firm and waterproof bond between two creatures or objects for up to 24 hours. If two creatures connect themselves in this way, both gain the grappled condition. However, if they are different size categories, only the smaller creature gains this condition.

This bond survives light buffeting and movement, such as that created by incoming tides or by one attached surface dragging the other along underwater. Sharp tugs can break the seal fairly easily, and a willingly attached creature can pull free of the pad with a successful DC 5 Strength check as a standard action (DC 10 as a swift action). This weakness makes remora pads fairly ineffective when attempting to grapple a target, though a grappling creature that sticks itself to a target with a remora pad receives a +6 circumstance bonus on grapple combat maneuver checks to sustain the grapple in subsequent rounds (instead of the normal +5 bonus).

A remora pad's bond is strong enough to support 200 pounds of material, so bonding two heavier objects together requires multiple pads. Underwater travelers often use remora pads to attach themselves to trained aquatic animals for long journeys.


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